7 Perfect Scores Achieved on A-Level Exams

It has been another year of phenomenal achievement for St. Mark’s International School students as they excelled in the recent October 2020 examinations, which will contribute towards their full A-Level qualifications. 

The results shown below certainly speak for themselves as our students received 7 perfect (100%) scores in these crucial tests.  Three students achieved the highest possible score in A-Level Physics, whilst another two achieved the highest possible score in both their A-Level Biology and Chemistry examinations.

Furthermore, our students’ scientific rewards were augmented by their brilliant Mathematics results.  Indeed, the entire A-Level cohort achieved either an A* or an A in this subject, with just one scoring a respectable B grade, which significantly enhances our school’s reputation as a Mathematics and Science School of excellence. 

One student also received an A grade for her As-Level Business Studies examination, and another an A grade for his As-Level Computer Science for which we are extremely proud.


Based on all the exams taken by our students, here is a summary of our students’ statistics for examinations taken in October 2020:

25% of all examination entries received                     Perfect Scores (100%)

47% of all examination entries received                A*  (achieving between 90 - 100%)

40% of all examination entries received                A    (achieving between 80 - 89%)

10% of all examination entries received                B    (achieving between 70 – 79 %)

 3% of all examination entries received                 C    (achieving between 60 – 69%) 

From these statistics, a remarkable 87% of all examination entries received either an A* or an A.  These magnificent results demonstrate the quality of our teaching program and the learning environment here at St. Mark’s International School, where the nurturing and supportive environment has positively impacted our students in motivating them to bring forth their personal best.  Very well done indeed!