Singapore Maths and Science Program


In a world where most schools offer basically the same curriculum, St. Mark's is doing something different. At St. Mark's, we offer our students a comprehensive education that focuses on Mathematics and Science. Adopting a mixed curriculum that takes the best of Singapore's Mathematics and Science program, together with an innovative and solid Australian and Cambridge approved curriculum, students are equipped with a solid foundation, which will successfully prepare them for the future. By the time our students leave the school, we expect them to have a true sense of confidence and self-worth that will empower them to pursue not only personal interest but also goals that would benefit their community and society at  large.

Every year, we produce high-achieving students in the area of Mathematics and Science across the levels from Kindergarten to High School, where our students have been very successful in achieving in various Mathematics and Science Olympiad, both locally and internationally.

The stellar result of our achievements exemplifies our core competency in the teaching and learning of mathematics and science. This, we believe stems from our highly qualified teaching staff who are truly experts in their field of teaching and a smaller class size, where a more personalised learning atmosphere, help every student to progress rapidly and confidently.