Splendid IGCSE Results


The Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds, attracting almost 500,000 entries from 144 different countries every year. This year marks the second year that our high school students sit the IGCSE examination and received excellent results.  This is a reinforcement of our core competence in being a school that provides a quality program focusing on individual learning needs, as well as personal growth. 


Parents may be pleased to know the following examination statistics for assessement taken during the year 2017-2018:

48%  of examination entries have received a grade of at least an A or higher (80% or higher)

31%  of examination entries have received a grade of at least an A* or higher (90% or higher)

These results have been exemplary and we would like to congratulate our students who have been privileged to be in the company of outstanding young people, under the wings of very dedicated teachers.

Through dedication and commitment, we have been able to guide these students to achieve a very significant standard of accomplishment across the grade, where more than 79% percent of our students achieved at least an A grade or higher.  It would be any teacher’s dream to have this group of students in their classroom.

Our students who sat for IGCSE have only completed Grade 9 (15 year-old) and some have just completed Grade 8 (14 year-old).  Consequently, they are achieving these stellar results at a younger age than their peers at other international schools, where students usually take their IGCSE examinations at the end of Grade 10 (British Year 11).




Our school can whole-heartedly claim that the results of these students are truly the product of our dedication and guidance.  They are the achievement of our own students, who have been studying with us since they were young, several of whom have been with us since Nursery. With the examination statistics just presented, our students were able to achieve their result without having to go for any extra tuition classes outside of school.

Our small class size in a caring school environment, coupled with our focus in providing a quality program in the languages (English / Mandarin / Thai), Mathematics and Science, has enabled us to nurture each individual student according to their need, be it academic or personal growth. The support they receive, have made possible even for the average students to blossom and achieve their fullest potential.