Curriculum and the Learning Environment


At St. Mark's International School, Bangkok, a focus on the individual is at the core of all we do. The caring relationships between the class teachers and each individual student are at the heart of our Early Years, Primary and Secondary education, providing the best possible foundation for learning.  The security, which comes from such an encouraging and supportive environment, fosters a strong sense of belonging and enhances students' self-esteem and resilience, enabling their learning to flourish.


The ability to use a language other than English and move between cultures is important for full participation in the modern world, especially in the context of increasing globalisation and cultural diversity. Learning a new language offers students the opportunity to use the language to communicate with its speakers, gain direct insights into the cultures, and enhance their vocational prospects.  The rise of the economy in China has propelled an increasing interest throughout the world to learn Mandarin, making it become a very important language of communication.


Our tri-lingual curriculum focuses on the mastery of language and its application to real-life situations. Throughout their schooling, our students are constantly challenged by a stimulating, collaborative environment, where their individuality is valued and exploration of individual interests is encouraged. Implementing a combination of the highly renowned Australian English curriculum and the rigorous Singaporean Mathematics, Science and Mandarin program, our curriculum has been designed to foster a strong academic focus with exciting and versatile learning experiences.   


Infused throughout the curriculum are opportunities for students to develop their communication skills in speaking, reading and writing. Our curriculum requires students to exercise and develop their higher order thinking skills in English, mathematics and science. The classroom and pastoral care program work together to enable our students to develop an awareness of their own spirituality and appreciation of the beliefs and needs of others as well as the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Our program focuses on whole child development, where academic achievement, physical well-being and character development are developed hand-in-hand, ensuring a well-rounded and balanced individual.



The Early Years (Nursery to Preparatory) focuses on learning through play and providing a safe and secure environment, where students are encouraged to express themselves and develop confidence.  Our balanced curriculum ensures that students developed and acquired their speaking, reading and writing skills at a young age.    


The Primary Program (Primary 1 to 6) builds solid foundations for later learning with an emphasis on mastery of basic skills of literacy and numeracy, as well as developing cultural understanding, problem solving and personal and interpersonal skills. The range of studies with a number of teachers, running through our primary and high school program exposes our students to varied teaching and learning styles. The diversity of experiences helps to equip our students with the flexibility they need to thrive in a changing world.  


The Secondary School (Year 7 - 12)  years of schooling are concurrent with the onset of adolescence. Our program ensures that students develop an awareness of themselves and appreciation of others. Based on the acclaimed Cambridge IGCSE and A Level program, our comprehensive high school curriculum focuses on the development of students' skills in synthesising, summarising, and differentiating facts from opinion, which are the crucial skills for successful further learning and in daily living.  St. Mark's provides a range of courses ranging from English language, Mathematics, the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Other Languages (Mandarin, Thai), Professional Skills (Accounting, Business Studies), which will enable students to advance confidently into tertiary programs at elite universitites worldwide, including in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, all Southeast Asian Countries including Thailand, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, The UAE, South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, etc.