Science and Mathematics Talent Development (SMTD)

The Thai Government’s establishment of Science and Mathematics Talent Development (SMTD) project is to find highly capable students in the area of Science and Mathematics each year to represent Thailand in the World Mathematics & Science Olympiad. The competition consists of 2 elimination rounds:

1st round: to eliminate 100,000 students nation-wide to just 1,000 students

2nd round: to eliminate 1,000 students to select just the top 15 students for Gold, next 30 students for Silver and next 45 students for Bronze.  The Gold medalists will be selected to represent Thailand to participate in the annual World Mathematics & Science Olympiad.

Congratulations to Natchayathorn (Year 5) who has successfully passed both elimination rounds and achieved a spectacular Gold.   This achievement is truly extraordinary since she ranks among the 15 top students out of the 100,000 contestants who participated in this prestigious competition.  With this achievement, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has called our school to congratulate us for being the only international school to achieve Gold.