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Discover St. Mark's International School

St. Mark’s Australian International School is the first Australian international school in Thailand. Established in 1999, St. Mark’s seeks to provide excellence in tri-lingual international education within a caring Christian environment, with the mission of laying a firm foundation to equip young students for an academically and personally fulfilling life.

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St. Mark’s is a great school with many classes to learn from like Chinese which makes us a lot smarter. I also like that there are classes like Technology, Arts, and Anklong because they teach very interesting things. I like that we are able to join different competitions and get medals and certificates for trying and winning and it also teaches us to be brave and try to get out of our comfort zones and try something new.

Ireland (Primary)


I really like this school because the education here is very good. The teachers are very nice, knowledgeable and funny. They taught me many things. My friends and classmates are nice too. But, the best thing is that the school has everything the kids need.

Korea (Primary)


St. Mark’s not only focuses on teaching but organises social activities such as camps, field trips, sports day, showcase, after-school activities. Participation in these activities has made me become more confident. Teachers here are experts in their fields and are entertaining, making learning very enjoyable. They are very approachable and often would help us whenever we have a need. The school guides me to achieve my academic goals and become a better person.

China (Secondary)


St. Mark's class size was one of the reasons I like this school. I was able to connect well with my classmates and teachers, who have inspired me to love learning, especially in Maths and Chemistry. St. Mark's has given me the opportunity to interact with students from different countries, which has helped to improve my English. St. Mark's provides an excellent education for both native and non-native English speakers.

Japan (Secondary)


Parents Opinion

Here are some of our parents who would like to share their experiences they had with St. Mark’s.

St. Mark's Advantage

Truly Tri-lingual Program

Our program enables students to learn with skills to converse, read and write in the 3 important languages of this region: English, Mandarin, Thai. Our students are able to use the 3 languages skillfully either in their daily conversations, reading or writing.

Meaningful and Balanced Learning Experience

Combining the best of Western (Australian) and Eastern (Singaporean) education system, we create meaningful learning experiences where our students interact creatively, as well as advance progressively under Singapore’s Math and Science curriculum

Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are equipped with a wealth of teaching experiences and educational qualifications, many of whom possess Post-Graduate and Master’s Degree in education in the field of their specialty.

Advanced Program in Maths & Science

Where most schools offer more or less the same curriculum, we are different. Our program offers advance Maths and Science curriculum where students excel with proven records in various local and international Olympiad awards.

Excellent Teacher to Student Ratio

We pay attention to details and our students are nurtured to grow spiritually and academically under the discipleship of caring teachers. Our excellent teacher to student ratio of 1 to 5 has contributed to a high standard of students outcomes across the school.

Outstanding Cambridge IGCSE Results

Of all our secondary examination entries administered between 2017-2019, 30% received an outstanding A*, 70% received an A*/A, and 97% A*-C grade, a truly spectacular result on the Cambridge qualification, a qualification which is recognized worldwide by prestigious tertiary educational institutions.