Engaging Learning Experience


At St. Mark's, engaging learning experience is a big part of our students’ growth. Combining the best of Western (Australian) and Eastern (Singaporean) education system, we create meaningful learning experiences where our students interact creatively, as well as advanced progressively under Singapore's Maths and Science curriculum. 

Our students' learning is enhanced by stimulating hands-on activities, games and laboratory experiments, where we believe, a well-balanced curriculum will facilitate in each student a love for learning.  This will further enhance their ability to acquire fundamental skills once students are fully engaged in their learning.

PRIMARY - Social Studies on Aboriginal Arts and Culture

Our Year 1 students had the opportunity to learn and make an Australian Aboriginal wind musical instrument called Didgeridoo. This is a part of their learning on Australian Aboriginal arts and culture during their Social Studies lessons. 


SECONDARY - Introduction to IGCSE Biology on Digestion Process

Our Year 7 students are learning about the process of digestion during their weekly laboratory experiments. This activity gives them a head-start in understanding of what happens to the food we eat and where each process of digestion takes place. Students also learned about the different functions of various enzymes produced by different organs in our body and how they assist with the digestion process.