Extra Curricular Activities


Flowing from St. Mark's special focus on pastoral care and individual attention, each student's needs and preferences are accommodated within the extra-curricular selections, offering both breadth of experience, as well as depth or specialisation as appropriate.  By the time that our students finish from our Primary school, they will be skillful in playing at least one musical instrument.  The following list below are the detail of our Activity ECA as well as our Music ECA and the days that these ECA's are offered.


Activity ECA



Bible Club (Mon)


Soccer (Mon, Wed, Fri)


Table Tennis (Tue)


Ball Games (Wed)


English Club (Wed)


Creative Arts (Fri)


Badminton (Fri)


Swimming (Tue, Thur)


Taekwondo (Wed)


Robotics (Fri)


Thai Dance (Fri)







Music ECA


Ranad   Piano   Violin   Kim



Watch Sample ECA Activity Video Clips