Curriculum and the Learning Environment


At St. Mark's Australian International School, a commitment to individualised education lies at the heart of our philosophy. The nurturing relationships forged between class teachers and each student form the foundation of our Early Years, Primary, and Secondary education, fostering an optimal environment for learning. The secure and supportive atmosphere instils a profound sense of belonging, bolstering students' self-esteem and resilience, thereby facilitating their academic growth.


In today's interconnected world, proficiency in a language other than English and the ability to navigate diverse cultures are paramount. Recognizing this, our curriculum emphasises the acquisition of language skills as a tool for meaningful engagement in a globalised society. Learning a new language, particularly Mandarin, which has gained significance due to China's economic rise, opens avenues for direct communication, cultural insights, and enhanced career opportunities.


Our trilingual program is dedicated to mastering English, Mandarin, and Thai, encouraging students to speak, read, and write in all three languages. As students progress through our program, they become confident and proficient users of these languages. The curriculum, grounded in the renowned Australian framework, combines a strong academic focus with dynamic learning experiences, particularly in mathematics and science.


Throughout their educational journey, students are immersed in a stimulating and collaborative environment that values individuality and encourages the exploration of personal interests. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on communication skills in speaking, reading, and writing, while also challenging students to exercise higher-order thinking in English, mathematics, and science. The integration of classroom and pastoral care programs fosters spiritual awareness, empathy for others' beliefs and needs, and an understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


Our comprehensive maths and science program, supported by qualified teaching staff, instils confidence in learners and contributes to their success in these subjects. The collaborative efforts of our dedicated teaching staff, coupled with effective monitoring of student progress, underscore our commitment to student well-being and achievement. A cohesive work environment, where every staff member collaborates toward a common goal, is fundamental to our success. We continually strive to create an atmosphere that supports student learning, aiming for the highest possible outcomes and instilling in each student an understanding of the effort required to achieve academic excellence.


Early Years (Nursery to Preparatory) focuses on learning through play and providing a safe and secure environment, where students are encouraged to express themselves and develop confidence. Our balanced curriculum ensures that students develop and acquire their speaking, reading, and writing skills at a young age.


Primary Program (Year 1 to 6) builds solid foundations for later learning with an emphasis on mastery of basic skills of literacy and numeracy, as well as developing cultural understanding, problem-solving, and personal and interpersonal skills. The range of studies with a number of teachers, running through our primary and high school program exposes our students to varied teaching and learning styles. The diversity of experiences helps to equip our students with the flexibility they need to thrive in a changing world.


Secondary Program (Year 7 - 12) is divided into 2 levels, Lower Secondary from Year 7-10 and Upper Secondary from Year 11 – 12. Our program ensures that students develop an awareness of themselves and appreciation of others.


Lower Secondary (Year 7 – 10) Program is based on the acclaimed Cambridge IGCSE program, where our curriculum focuses on the development of students' skills in synthesising, summarising, and differentiating facts from opinion, which are crucial skills for successful further learning and in daily living. St. Mark's provides a range of IGCSE courses ranging from English, mathematics, the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), other languages (Mandarin, Thai), and professional skills (Accounting, Business).


Upper Secondary (Year 11 – 12) Program adopts the Australian Matriculation Program, providing students with access to a high-quality, relevant, and internationally recognised curriculum. Students will receive the Australian Matriculation Certificate of Education upon completing Year 12. These certificates provide direct pathways to all Australian universities, as well as admissions to universities worldwide, which includes the competitive higher institutions in the United Kingdom, the EU, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, China, India and Thailand. This program is of one and a half years in duration, and our graduating students can benefit from commencing universities earlier than their peers in other schools.