Visual Arts


Our students develop their sense of identity through creative expression in our art classes; from painting to drawing to crafting. For beginners, they learn about the elements of art such as lines, shapes, colours, shades, and gradients of colours. Our art class guides them in choosing of techniques, while applying art theory to their work. For instance, students need to look at a real picture of an apple and identify the types of lines and colours necessary. Then they adapt ideas from professional artwork or other objects to apply to their own artwork.



After covering basic art knowledge, they practice using realistic colours in drawing pictures for each month’s art theme such as landscape, underwater world, solar system and cultural diversity, as well as the yearly Happy School Arts Contest sponsored by UNESCO. We occasionally provide art contest opportunities and encourage our students to participate in an international art competition with international cultural organisations. In 2015, our High School students, Andrea Parreno, and Yoonjee Lee, had their artwork shortlisted in the top 30 entries of UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific art contest on the theme of ―What Makes a Happy School? Their creativity and talents were showcased together with entries from artists across the Asia-Pacific region at a special event at The Commons, Sukhumvit.

Apart from regular curricular art classes, our Creative Arts ECA ( Extra-Curricular Activity) is an option for our Primary students who wish to apply their skills to new and exciting tasks for special monthly themes. Our Creative Art ECA members learn to turn recycled materials into paper bags, create mixed media work, make cards for cultural festivals, paint pictures of their classmates from their shadows and try their hand at a variety of other stimulating art projects.