Music Opportunities


At St. Mark's, we believe that music is for everyone. That’s why we have been providing quality music education to all students of St. Mark's.  It is never too early to start, so our courses for children are fun-filled and enriching. St. Mark’s music curricula are designed to engage pre-schoolers and school-age children so that they develop a life-long love for music. Through a combination of imagination and exploration, your child will learn to embrace music spontaneously.

The philosophy of St. Mark's is to nurture the musicality that everyone is born with; develop their ability to create and play music; and encourage the joy of sharing music. Comprehensive music education aims to develop the abilities to play what you hear as well as written scores. The abilities required to play what you hear are the ability to recognise the sounds you hear, to sing it in solfege, and to play the melody and accompaniment – being able to sing what you hear, and play what you sing.

Timely education refers to learning at the appropriate physical and mental development stage. It’s our belief that the golden age to build a strong foundation in accurate pitching, rhythmic and instrumental training is from 4 to 6 years old because at this stage, the hearing ability of young children is developing rapidly. That’s why young children naturally and effortlessly enjoy and absorb music.

Group lessons facilitate the sharing of the joy of music. Playing in an ensemble with friends allows them to have a rich musical experience and deepens the understanding of music. St. Mark's believes that group lessons are the most effective way to stimulate the emotional and mental development of young children.  Below are some of our students' performances in music.



Jazz Band

Music can always be fun even during practice and rehearsal time. The band has gotten off to a good start and they are developing good experiences and friendships.



Thai Music

Thai music has a character all its own and it's performance requires an array of instrumentation.  Our students are taught the basics of Thai music and for those who wish to go deeper, we provide those opportunites as well.




School Choir

Throughout the year, our students have many opportunities for performance in song.  Our school choir performs for special events and helps build confidence  and ease  in public presentation.