Distinguished Graduates

Each year, our students are capable of achieving scores among the top in various standardised international assessments. In the past, our graduates have won scholarships and secured placements in prestigious universities worldwide. With our determination to pursue excellence in education, we are pleased to share the following success stories of our graduates, who have attained stellar achievements.

Pin has completed Year 11 with flying colours at St. Mark's, when he decided to apply to the University of Melbourne, one of Australia's most elite universities, to further his education in Biomedicine.  With outstanding academic record, he received the Scholarship Award from the University, where he is being recognised as one of the most outstanding students to apply to this program at the University for 2021. 


Rairom studied at St. Mark's for 10 academic years, from Nursery to Year 6. After having completed her studies at St. Mark's with excellent academic record, she became the only Thai to win a place at an elite government secondary school in Singapore.
With her flying colours A-Level results, she was granted the Scholars Award from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore and became the first Thai in the university's history to have won this prestigious award. 
NTU is currently ranked as the 3rd best universities in Asia and 12th best in the world. Congratulations, Rairom!


Our former student from Japan, Hinano, returned to give her testimony of the time she studied at St. Mark's.  She had spent 2 and a half years studying at St. Mark's and recently, she was delighted to inform that she has been accepted into Sophia University, Tokyo.


Nice studied at St. Mark's for 9 academic years, from Year 1 - 9. After completing Year 9, he applied to Bournemouth University in the UK to further his studies. On ground of good academic record and excellent admission results, he was granted Bournemouth University's scholarship to study at the University.
At the age of 17, Nice commenced his university degree 2 years ahead of other students. He became the youngest student in his faculty.


Our former student, Lana returned to visit St. Mark's informing us of her success in enrolling into a prestigious culinary school, where she will spend 2 years in Australia.
Prior to her return to the Philippines, Lana was a student at St. Mark's studying here for 7 years from Pre-Prep to Year 5. During this visit, Lana shared her testimony on how she feels about St. Mark's has impacted her life and her future.