Social Works


Under the care of dedicated teaching staff, St. Mark's secondary school offers high quality learning and excellent pathways to tertiary education. Senior school students get a good start to life because of the open learning environment full of new learning opportunities, excellent academic education and balanced social and cultural life. Here at St. Mark's, our secondary school offers a variety of activities that enhance students' knowledge and skills. Our calendar year is filled with meaningful activities that develop academic excellence, leadership, and citizenship qualities in our students. From learning in an engaging class setting, participating in group projects, experimenting in science laboratories, speaking and presenting in public, debating, participating in a variety of sports, learning to cook, working, cleaning and helping out by giving back to the community during social work, participating in fund-raising activities, organising bake sales and fun fairs, participating in field trips, scout camps, and overseas residential trips, these are some of the activities that form a solid basis which help build a strong foundations for student success.

Scout Camp


Social Work & Fund Raising Activity at St. Mark's