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School Library

The school library is equipped with a variety of books, from short stories, novels covering both fiction and non-fiction, dictionaries, and newspapers. Our students are encouraged to make reading a hobby to foster their reading skills as well as develop creative thinking.                                                                                                                                           

Music and Dance Room

The well-equipped music room provides a variety of instruments including, Ranad, Kim, Angklong, Piano, and keyboards. It is also being used as a dance room for students who take up traditional Thai dance classes.



The school canteen offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages served throughout the day.



The child-friendly playground is consists of different playing equipment such as colorful slides, monkey bards, playhouse, and more. It helps students engage with other students to develop their relationships with their schoolmates.


Common Room

Our common room is a safe place where our high school students mingle and study. It is equipped with a table tennis set and a tabletop foosball which allow them to create a fun school environment.



Our garden has a fresh ambiance with koi ponds, swings, and outdoor tables with sheds that allow students to unwind and learn outside the classroom. It is also a spot where our Early years' students have their seed planting activities. 




Science Laboratory

Our modern Science labs are fully equipped to meet the needs of our Primary and Secondary students. 


ICT Room

The ICT laboratory is equipped with computers so that each student has a machine to himself. The laboratories are used to support the teaching of ICT, beginning as early as Pre-Prep. To keep our students abreast with the world around them. All computers are connected to the internet for browsing.



Beyond the development of skills, our sporting facilities support students in their goals of leading healthy and active lifestyles.

  • Indoor Gym
  • Basketball Court
  • Standard Soccer field
  • Outdoor salt-water pool
















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