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"Practice makes perfect." This is the principle that we try to reinforce in our students, whether it be learning a new language, doing a challenging maths problem, or learning of a new skill in general. St. Mark's students are often encouraged to express, learn and develop under the guidance of our dedicated teachers. Students are encouraged to perform to their best ability and most importantly to work and achieve with their own ability.
Excellence in science has always been our goal. We offer Biology, Chemistry, and Physics classes for our high school students. We believe that students need to see different concepts of science by performing advanced experiments and hands-on experience with the particular subject to grasp what is being taught. We aim to develop their critical thinking skills by  encouraging them to be engaged and feel connected to science as an interesting and exciting pursuit. 

Year 7 Science

With our English lessons, we believe that a good communication skill is a foundation to the overall development of language competency. As such, students are given ample opportunities to develop their oral skills during class lessons, as well as during special learning events. Here are some video clips of our students' activities in English.

Year 4 English



Year 7 English