Early Years Program


At St. Mark's, we offer ample opportunities for our students to achieve success and cultivate robust self-esteem. Our environment is a nurturing space where students thrive, learning through play, laughter, imaginative experiences, captivating literature, and supportive relationships.


A seamless flow of experiences, interactive routines, and access to top-notch materials and resources collectively foster the joy of learning for each student. Our commitment to providing a secure and nurturing environment serves as a catalyst for children's educational development. Recognizing the wealth of knowledge, abilities, experiences, values, and attitudes that students bring from their family and social contexts, we, as educators, actively seek to form partnerships with families to build upon these valuable foundations.


A substantial component of our curriculum and school environment is dedicated to nurturing the social and emotional skills of our students. Specifically designed activities encourage collaborative learning, placing a strong emphasis on personal development. This intentional focus on social and emotional growth ensures that our students not only excel academically but also thrive in their interpersonal relationships, laying the groundwork for well-rounded individuals.




Key Developmental Area


Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Our teachers will introduce study topics that encourage students to learn through exploration and creative play.


Communication and Language Skills

The early years curriculum lays the foundation on mastering listening, speaking and literacy skills, encompassing letter and sound recognition, as well as basic reading and writing.


Numeracy Skills

The curriculum is carefully designed to promote learning and understanding of numbers and their interrelationships.


Social and Emotional Development

A large part of our curriculum and school environment is dedicated to developing our students’ social and emotional skills. Activities are arranged to allow for collaborative learning, with a strong emphasis on personal development.


Creative Development 

Our students engage with each subject by incorporating art, music, and play into their learning experiences. Furthermore, children in Preparatory and Pre-Prep receive dedicated music instruction from our specialist music teacher.


Physical Development 

Our curriculum is organised to provide excellent opportunities for mastering fine and gross motor skills, encompassing activities such as beading, cutting, writing, balancing, jumping, and bouncing.


Key Learning Area






















Physical Education








Mandarin (Optional)