Top in Thailand - IGCSE Physics

It is our pleasure to announce the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award winner for June 2019 from our school. Cambridge International Education has acknowledged Kyu on his remarkable achievement.
At the award ceremony held on November 27, our student was recognised by Cambridge for his splendid achievement, receiving the ‘Top in Thailand’ award for June 2019 IGCSE Physics, despite sitting the exam a year earlier than other students, in Year 9. This award recognises the talent, dedication, and commitment of the student and the teaching staff.
For this examination series, there were just 2 international schools across Thailand, whose students received the "Top in Thailand" - Outstanding Cambridge IGCSE Learner Award in the area of Science.
Besides achieving the 'Top in Thailand' award in Physics, Kyu also achieved very impressive results in other subjects: IGCSE Mathematics (99%) and IGCSE Chemistry (97%).

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