6 "Top in Thailand" Awards Won by ST. MARK'S

It is our pleasure to announce the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award winners from our school. Cambridge International Education has acknowledged St. Mark's students with remarkable achievements in winning 6 magnificent "Top in Thailand" awards in 2021.

These awards given by Cambridge recognise the talent, dedication, and commitment of the students and the teaching staff at St. Mark's. Our students were recognised by Cambridge for their splendid accomplishments, receiving the ‘Top in Thailand’ and "Cambridge High Achievement" awards for the following category:


"Top in Thailand" for IGCSE Biology 2021

"Top in Thailand" for IGCSE Chemistry 2021

"Top in Thailand" for IGCSE Mathematics 2021

"Top in Thailand" for IGCSE Additional Mathematics 2021


"Top in Thailand" for A-Level Mathematics 2021

"Top in Thailand" for A-Level Computer Science 2021


"Cambridge High Achievement Award" for A-Level Mathematics 2021


Looking back at our achievement history, in June 2019, St. Marks' student was awarded with "Top in Thailand" title for IGCSE Physics, despite sitting the exam a year earlier than other students. In November 2019, our student was awarded with "Cambridge High Achievement Award" for IGCSE Chemistry. 


St. Mark's is a Tri-lingual School of Mathematics and Science. Our comprehensive Maths and Science program and qualified teaching staff have helped build confidence in learners to achieve in these subject areas. As a school, we work together to ensure that every student are cared for.  For our students to achieve such a remarkable accomplishments, these stem from the collaborous work of our dedicated teaching staff and the approach we manage and monitor our students' progress and learning. A conducive work environment where every staff works collaborously together to achieve a common goal is the key to our success. We strive to create an environment which support our students' learning and aim for the higest possible outcome, where each student understand what it takes to achieve a superior grade.  When we have a combination of good resources coming together, these ultimately lead to success.