20th Anniversary Scholarship


This year St. Mark's International School is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Based on our Christian ethos, we recognise Christian values where care and respect are important to us. At the same time, we also value students' academic excellence, leadership and citizenship qualities and these are the criteria we consider when selecting students into our scholarship program. Places will be granted to students with good academic, character and citizenship standing. Acceptance of students into our scholarship program will be based on the decision of the senior school management. The following are the details of our scholarships being offered:

1. Excellence Awards

Excellence Awards are offered to students of high calibre, based on high academic potential with good character and citizenship qualities. Applicants should be inquisitive and committed to learning. Currently, places for scholarship under Excellence Awards have been filled.


2. Missionary Benefits

Missionary Benefits are offered to students, whose parents are serving as missionaries in Thailand, being sent from their home countries. The benefit is applicable, based on good academic potential with a demonstrated morale and citizenship quality.


The following are the procedures for the application of scholarship awards:

1. Parent submits the School Application, Scholarship Application, and pay the Application Fee

2. The student applicant will be informed by Admissions regarding the admission assessment dates

3. Student applicant and parents participated in an interview with a senior school officer